Attorney Ed Fontanez your Northwest Indiana Criminal Defense Attorney Lawyer

    Attorney Ed Fontanez, your Northwest Indiana Criminal Defense Attorney works hard to provide provide legal services for individuals in need of representation in all criminal related offenses throughout Northwest Indiana. Attorney Fontanez is a former deputy prosecutor working in both the county and felony division courts. Attorney Fontanez, after being appointed by the Governor of the State of Indiana, the late Frank O'Bannon, served as the Judge of the East Chicago City Court. Attorney Fontanez will use his experience and the knowledge he obtained in order to defend you in your criminal case.​

Attorney Ed Fontanez, as your Northwest Indiana Criminal Defense Attorney, handles many types of criminal offenses which includes but is not limited to the following:   

  • All Misdemeanor Cases (including OWI/DUI cases, Disorderly Conduct, Public Intoxication, etc.)

  • Major Felonies

  • Juvenile Cases

  • All traffic related matters: State and Local Ordinance.


A list of criminal offenses that Attorney Fontanez handles specifically include a few examples: ​

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  • All Misdemeanors,

  • D Felony or Level 6 Felony,

  • Major Felony,

  • OWI (DUI)

  • HTV/Traffic,

  • All Drug Charges,

  • Gun Charges,

  • Drug Possession (ie: cocaine, marijuana) & Dealing,

  • Theft,

  • Criminal Trespass,

  • Criminal Mischief,

  • Residential Entry,

  • Domestic Violence,

  • Sex Offenses,

  • Battery Offenses,

  • Armed Robbery & Burglary,

  • All Alcohol related offenses,

  • Murder,

  • Expungements,

  • Sealing Criminal Records,

  • Probation/Parole violations,

  • White Collar Crime,

  • Bond hearings,

  • Hardship licenses,

  • Driving While Suspended,

  • Operating a Vehicle Having Never Received a License,

  • Reckless Driving,

  • Speed Contest,

  • Serious Violent Felony,

  • Habitual Offenders,

  • Juvenile Offenses